Wound is the result of physical disruption of the skin; an open skin / cut which caused by trauma. Trauma may be accidental or intentionally induced. The latter category includes hospital-acquired wounds, such as surgically or uses of intravenous medical devices. Therefore, not only knife cut, scratches, abrasion, scaled, insect bites etc. are minor cuts. But it should comprise other minor cut such as after give birth vaginally, circumcision, injection… etc.

Wound Healing is the restoration of that continuity and a biological process that begins with trauma and ends with scars formation in chronic cases. There are 3 phases of healing. Each phase is distinct, continuous, & overlapping to the next.
(a.) Inflammatory / Lag Phase ( 0- 3 days )
(b.) Proliferative Phase ( 3 – 12 days )
(c.) Maturation / Remodeling Phase ( 3 days – 6 months )

What happen if delayed in wound healing?
(a.) Increased risk of wound infection
(b.) Initiation of chronic inflammatory response
(c.) Formation of disfiguring scar

Conversely, the prompt wound healing reduces the wound infection, swelling & formation of disfiguring scar.

Hence, it is crucial in accelerating and shortening the wound healing period.