In Malaysia, any product in a dosage unit or otherwise, for use wholly or mainly by being administered to one or more human beings or animals for a medicinal purpose is controlled under Control of Drugs Cosmetic Regulation ( CDCR), Regulation 1984, which promugalated under Sales of Drugs Acts, 1952.

Under the CDCR 1984, Regulation 7(1): Except as otherwise provided in these Regulations, no person shall manufacture, sell, supply, import, possess or administer any product unless:
(a) the product is a registered product; and
(b) the person holds the appropriate licence required and issued under these Regulations.

To comply with the regulation governed by Drug Control Authority (DCA), National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Ministry of Health Malaysia:-

Our essential oil with therapeutic effect are registered successfully. The product Quality, Safety & Efficacy are evaluated through registration procedure including quality control, inspection & licensing and post-registration activities.

Our Starting Material, Storage, Manufacturing Process, Premises & Equipment and Personnel are inspected under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Ensuring the product are fit for the intended use, quality and nature