Piles is dilated blood vessel in/ around the anus & lower rectum that stretch under pressure like gravity or intra-abdominal pressure.
Constipation, constant standing/sitting, pregnancy, heavy lifting, over-weight … etc. increase intra-abdominal pressure. Increase blood pressure then to stretch, bulge and dilatethe rectal vessel into abnormal dilatation. The abnormal dilatation decreased and deteriorated vascular integrity. Vascular lost the normal strength, elasticity and permeability.
Lastly, local blood circulation affected and piles established.
To shrink the piles, the normal vessel around rectal area have to be dilated and increase the blood flow from the abnormal dilatation area. Local blood circulation is improved. The blood pressure and stretching strain on the affected vessel reduced simultaneously.
The vessel restored normal elasticity.
Mechanism of vasoconstriction is initiated until balance of Homeostatic achieved. The blood vessel is relaxed and piles is shrinkage.
To restore the vessel elasticity, it depends the affliction, duration of disease, life style and biological variance.
Therefore, the patient is advised to be treated at initial stage not until symptomatic.